1.Several companies have begun to add caffeine to hot sauce, waffles, jelly beans, chewing gum and other products. Wrigley’s, the world’s largest chewing gum company recently started selling Alert Energy Caffeine Gum. Describe several reasons why Wrigley’s would add caffeine to chewing gum. Describe several groups that you feel would make ideal target markets for Alert Energy Caffeine Gum and provide reasons why these groups would make ideal targets. Do you think the product will be successful? Why or why not? Please respond in at least 150 words and consult at least three sources and use the APA format to cite them.

2. Please read and analyzes the article “The Great American Soap Overdose.” This article is in the January 25, 2010 edition of the Wall StreetJournal. Please submit this assignment as an attachment using Microsoft Word. Please provide thorough answers to the questions listed below. In responding to these questions, please observe the basic rules of writing and grammar.

1.) Describe at least four factors that contribute to consumers using too much detergent when washing clothes.

2.) Why were premeasured tablets and sachets successful in other countries but not in America?Can marketing research be used to help marketers understand why premeasured tablets and sachets were not successful in America?

3.) Describe some ideas that detergent companies can implement to get consumers to stop using too much detergent when washing clothes.

4.) Adam Lowery feels that marketers of detergents are deliberately causing consumers to use too much detergent.He said that the detergent market is not growing, so you either have to take market share away from other companies or get consumers to use more detergent.Big detergent companies say Mr. Lowery’s assertion is completely wrong.Which of the two do you agree with and why?

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1. Wrigley’s decision to add caffeine to gums is consistent with the strategies of innovation and product development. As per Mosbergen (2013), caffeine is the most popular psychoactive stimulant available and most adults’ consumer caffeine in some form or the other daily. Since caffeine is a widely consumed product, competitors have started adding it in other products so that users can consume caffeine through other ways.

The target market for this product is adults above the age of 25, who want to consume caffeine on the ‘pick-me-up on...
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