Every child has had the experience of taking a lunch to school. For older generations, this meant peanut butter and jelly or bologna sandwich. For today's youth, it is more likely to be Lunchables or some similar product. Kraft Foods has aggressively promoted Lunchables as a healthy alternative to the "old time" sandwiches. Many mothers do not agree, however, and continue to prepare lunches in the older fashion. Your group's assignment is to examine Lunchables with respect to possible perceptual barriers that might be erected by non-users. For example, a mother might not use a Lunchable because she wants to give her child a lunch made with her own loving hands, or nutrition may be a concern. Consider the influences that might enhance perceptual distortion and devise a plan for Kraft to overcome such a mother's objections. How might your plan be implemented through communication channels?

2. Take two advertisements offerring like products and discuss thier effectiveness on consumers both good or bad.

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The growth of Lunchables can be influenced by several perceptual barriers such as the physical appearance of the product, stereotyping on the part of mothers, first impressions, pre-held notions about the nutrition of the product and the freshness of the product, etc. They may be swayed by the halo effect in which they may judge the product on the basis of one attribute only and ignore the other important aspects. For example, mothers may see it as packaged food which contains preservatives and may thus view it to be not as effective as freshly made home food. Mothers may also not find the desired flavors offered by the company and may not want...

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