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Assume that you are the marketing manager for a food products company that has just developed a new frozen "French fry" product. This new "French fry" product comes in small microwavable pouches and is noted for its crispiness. The product has been test marketed in New England and has shown favorable results. Your task is to attempt to sell the product idea to Canadian consumers. This might be a difficult task because of Canadian resistance to come United States products. The decision, however, has been made to go forward. Write a short position. Remember that English and French speaking Canadians might receive that product differently. Be sure to identify in your paper any cultural or ethical issues that must be addressed by such an introduction. Lastly, evaluate the likelihood of success of the product in the Canadian market. Explain your conclusions.

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This new product is expected to be successful in the Canadian market, though its introduction should be streamlined to meet the tastes and requirements of the Canadian population. Unlike America where people tend to follow the common...

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