Tesla Model S Audit Project.

Answer these questions:
Market segments and product positioning
How is the market for your product segmented?
What is the target market for your product?
What is the size of the target market? What is the size of the other market segments?
What is the potential for growth of the company's chosen markets?
How is your product “positioned” in the minds of consumers? Write a positioning statement for your product.
How are the competitors’ products positioned compared to your product?
What would a positioning map look like for your products compared to competing products?
What is the market share breakdown for your product and your competitors?

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Market segmentation and product positioning of Tesla Model S

Tesla’s Model S is an electric car which has been targeted to the high-end consumers. The target market comprises of all the people who use cars. The global car market can be segmented into various segments based on various factors. For example, on the basis of the source of power, cars can be segmented as diesel or fuel cars and electric cars. On the basis of comfort, they can be segmented as sedans, SUV, compact cars, etc. On the basis of the price of the cars and the consumer profile targeted, they can be segmented as luxury cars for people with higher disposable incomes, economy cars for people with lower incomes, etc. The market can also be segmented geographically such as the American car market, European car market, etc....

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