Answer the following questions:

1) Describe the characteristics of a global brand and the decision to use a global versus a local agency for advertising.

2) List and describe the Supply Chain and tell why Incoterms are important to define prior to shipment.

3) Describe how the marketing of services has become a major industry in the US and how services differ from products and why that makes a difference in your marketing strategy.

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1. A global brand is one which targets and markets its products and services all over the world and whose operations are not confined to one economy only. Quelch (2007) has defined five characteristics of these brands:
• They have the same positioning all over the world. The quality is consistent all across the world with their emotional appeal.
• Their focus is generally on single product or industry category, like Apple on consumer electronics, etc.
• They are aware of their corporate social responsibilities and act in an ethical manner. As an example, Coca-Cola has committed to preservation of water resources....
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