In continuation with our previous assignment. Please find the following information related to Axles transportation:
• Calculate the weight of a shipment
• Calculate the volume of the shipments
• Estimate the number of containers needed
• Verify that information with ALSG and tier I suppliers
• Describe the transportation process with detail, include a cost analysis.
• Calculate ton-miles
• Calculate landed cost
• Calculate transit time and estimate the impact on transit time in inventories
• Calculate CO2 footprint

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Executive Report

Executive Summary

If Alactritous Logistics Services Group, Inc. (ALSG) were to fail, how would Daejo’s production of the Mark X be impacted? This is the question which drives the aim of this memo, to provide an overview of current transportation and logistics involved in delivery of components from tier 1 supplier, NBA Axles. Also covered will be analysis and evaluation.

The methodology used in constructing this report consisted primarily of gathering, sorting, and analyzing the totality of information...
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