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Consider the following table of activities, completion times and predecessors Activity Optimistic Most Likely Pessimistic Predecessor A 7 7 13 B 6 9 12 C 3 4 5 A D 3 6 9 A E 4 5 6 B F 6 9 12 D, E G 9 13 17 C H 4 7 10 F I 8 9 16 F J 2 3 10 H K 9 14 19 I L 7 9 11 I M 5 6 13 J, K N 6 10 14 L O 4 8 12 G, M, N P 8 12 16 N Q 12 16 26 O R 9 12 21 Q, P 1. Determine the expected completion time for each activity. 2. Draw the network diagram for this project. 3. Determine the expected completion time for this project, in days. 4. Which activities are on the critical path? 5. Which activities have slack? How much slack do these activities have? A project to build a new bridge seems to be going very well since the project is well ahead of schedule and costs seem to be running very low. A major milestone has been reached where the first two activities have been totally completed and the third activity is 64% complete. The planners were only expecting to be 52% through the third activity at this time. The first activity involves prepping the site for the bridge. It was expected to cost $1320000 and it was done for only $1405000. The second activity was the pouring of the concrete. This was expected to cost $11000000 but was actually done for $10800000. The third and final activity is the actual construction of the bridge superstructure. This was expected to cost a total of $8550000. To date they have spent $6900000 on the superstructure. Calculate the cost and schedule variance and the schedule and cost performance indexes for the project. Extra Credit 6. Suppose you have a performance clause in your contract that says that you must complete the project within 92 days or incur a severe penalty. What is the probability that you will complete the project within 92 days?

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