Let's consider two products : an automobile (good) and an automobile repair (service provided at a garage).
From a customer perspective, provide, for each product (automobile and automobile repair), examples about the different quality dimensions (Performance, Aesthetics, Features, Reliability, Conformance, Durability, Serviceability (Service after sale), Perceived quality, Safety).

Here is a brief description of each dimension of quality:
Performance: main characteristics of the product or service
Aesthetics: appearance, feel, smell, taste
Features: extra characteristics
Reliability: consistency of performance
Conformance: how well a product or service corresponds to design specifications, and to the customer’s expectation
Durability: the useful life of the product or service
Serviceability (Service after sale): handling of complaints or checking on customer satisfaction
Perceived quality: indirect evaluation of quality (e.g., reputation)
Safety: risk of injury or harm

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Performance: The good is a tangible used once or repeatedly. A service is an intangible. The difference between the good (automobile) and a service (automobile repair) is that a good is the purchase of a car. The ownership of the product (Car) is transferable from the seller to the buyer. The processing, provision of accessories and after sales activities are services. There’s no ownership involved in services.

Aesthetics: A difference between a good and a product is the tangibility factor. The good (Car) has tangibility with the ability to touch, smell, and see the good where the tangibility is absent in services. You can’t always see or smell or taste a repair like an oil change, new battery, or new tire.

Features: Features on a good would be adding items to the car. With a good, you can see the extra features like a spoiler, sun roof, tire size, additional speakers, and satellite radio. On the service side of a car repair would be enhancing the engine. Examples of service features are upgrading a 4 cylinder engine to a V6. A tire can also be a service replacing the original tire in order to improve performance or lasts longer....

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