Q1-Identify the Suppliers who provide On-Time Delivery
- a Pivot table named as On-Time Delivery in which contains Vendor Names and Average Delivery Days and is sorted ascending by Average Delivery Time. (Hint: you must find out the “delivery days” from the data provided before creating the pivot table to solve this problem)
- Identify the best supplier who provides on-time delivery.

Q2- Identify suppliers who provide The Best Accounts Payable Terms
- a Pivot table named as Accts-Payable-Terms in which contains Vendor Names and Maximum A/P Terms and is sorted descending by Maximum A/P Terms.
- Identify the best supplier who provides the best Accounts Payable Terms.

Q3- Identify suppliers who offer lower pricing items when the same item can be provided by
multiple suppliers
- a Pivot table named as Low-Pricing-Items in which contains Item description(column label), Vendor Names (row lable) and Minimum Item Cost.
- For each item, identify the supplier who provides the lowest price for the item.

The above Objects of your answers for Q1-Q3 should be included in your Business Software Assignment 1 EXCEL file. Your answer for Q4—a summary of Q1-3--can be posted on a separate worksheet of the same EXCEL file of Q1-3.
Question 4: A summary of Q1-3
Based on the three questions above and the corresponding tabels, it can be highlighted that Manley Valve supplier is the one with the best on- time delivery performance, together with the Hulkey Fasteners. Both suppliers are managing to deliver items on a average of 6 days. When it comes to the payment terms that suppliers are offering, again the one with the best terms is Manley Valve and this supplier is offering 50 days for payment. Finally, when it comes to the prices for items, there is a definitely significant difference between suppliers. Only one part (Door Decal) can be purchased from only one supplier, and the rest items/parts can be purchased from more suppliers....

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