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Problem 1 Chapter 3: critical dimension of the service quality of call center is the wait time of caller to get to sales representative. Periodically, random samples of 6 (n = 6) customer calls are measured for time. Results from the last six samples are shown in the following table. Observation (seconds) Sample 1 2 3 5 6 425 408 422 380 410 401 440 450 431 447 422 430 3 402 428 419 434 433 425 375 400 395 420 380 385 408 407 407 435 411 405 6 398 417 400 418 402 425 410 435 395 397 390 410 8 395 402 397 408 400 415 a) Management willing to use three sigma limits. Use the data and Table 3.1 (page 107) to determine the control limits for an R-chart and an I- chart. b) Plot sample means and ranges on their respective control charts and interpret the results. Problem Chapter 4: Watch the video for the case "Gate Turnaround at Southwest Airlines" (Pages 156&157) and answer the following two questions. Please reference all outside resources if you use any other than the textbook. a) What is the key competitive priority of SWA (see Table 1.3 on page 12 of the text book for widely accepted competitive priorities)? Talk about SWA's strategic capacity decision and how supports SWA's competitive priority. b)How would you measure capacity and utilization in the airline industry? Talk about some of the important metrics that are used to define capacity in the airline industry and explain (or formulate) how these metrics can be used to calculate airline capacity and utilization. 1 Problem 3 Chapter 5: The figure below shows the flow of car wash process that has three stations; vacuum, wash, and dry. The numbers in parentheses are the times in minutes for each step of the process. Vacuum Wash Dry 5 mins) (10 mins) (6 mins) Answer parts a, b, and assuming that car can advance to the next station as soon as the next station ready (idle). a) What the throughput time to complete car wash when there are no waiting lines? b) What the capacity of the car wash process? c) How would the capacity of the system change another wash station added, i.e. what the system capacity with two wash stations? d) Assume the car wash station serves only one car at time, i.e. the station will not start vacuming the next car in the line until the one in the system has gone through all three processes (vacuum, wash, and dry). What would be the capacity of the system in this case? Problem 4 Chapter 5: company is setting up an assembly line to produce 90 units per hour. The table below identifies the work elements, times, and immediate predecessors Work Time Immediate Element (Sec.) Predecessor(s) 35 B 20 A C 30 B D 23 c E 28 D F 15 B G 17 F H 15 F 12 G.H J 23 E,I a) What cycle time is required to satisfy the required output? b) What is the theoretical minimum number of stations? c) Use one of the heuristic decision rules described in Table 5.3 on page 191 to balance the assembly line so that will produce 90 units per hour. Clearly state which decision rule you are using and the work elements assigned to each station. d) What the efficiency of the line you found in part c? Problem Chapter 6: Watch the video for the case "Lean Systems at Autoliv" (pages 2348235 and describe, in about one page, the JIT considerations presented in the chapter as they relate Autoliv's manufacturing environment. 3 Problem 6 Chapter 8: Observed monthly sales of popular brand tennis shoe at a medium-sized sports store the town's mall over the first eight months of the year are given in the following table. Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Demand 30 28 30 33 35 38 36 40 a) Use three -month moving average method to forecast the sales for the months April through September Also compute the mean squared error (MSE) based on the sales and forecasts for months April through August b) fthe forecast for January was 28. determine the forecast for sales for the months February through September using an exponential smoothing method with a= 0.60. Also compute the mean squared error (MSE) based on the sales and forecasts for months April through August. c) Which method would you recommend based on MSE? Why?

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