1-Please conduct a brief research on the subjects of Mission Statements, Leadership Theory, and Strategic Management. APA Style 2 pages
2-Identify and submit a summary describing the point of intersection; where these three subjects serve as catalysts for strategic management effectiveness, and where these subjects do not intersect and serve as barriers for strategic management effectiveness. Consider, the role these three subjects would play in the various stages of the strategic management concept of 'Life Cycle Model'
3-Create a personal SWOT analysis and mission statement designed to stimulate the Student to establish a strategic path to achieve a professional and/or personal goal in the course of the next 12-24 months as noted in the Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities of the SWOT.

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The three concepts:
Strategic Management:

Strategic management can be defined as an art of planning, formulating, implementing and also evaluating the cross functional decisions what are taken up in various departments of the organization to achieve its objectives. Strategic management thus involves both mission statements that have to be achieved and also requires leadership skills that enable these mission statements to be achieved.   Strategic management is a comprehensive concept that captures almost all the functional areas of the organization and comprises of various functions such as marketing, human resources, Finance, production, accounts and operations. Strategic management thus has an important role and the achieving of organizational success than other specific functional areas (Rothaermel, 2015).
Mission Statements:

Mission statements relate to the purpose of the organization and are generally communicated in some written form....

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