I want you to explore the principles of good designs for either product or service. I would like for you to come up with an example of a bad design for either a product OR service. Post the example and explain why you think it is a bad design. I would encourage you to review some of the examples on the Bad Designs web site ( The following list from they may be helpful to guide the discussion. (1-2 pages double space. No more than 2 pages)

1. Devices should follow a consistent rule.
2. When simple things have signs, it is usually evidence that they are not well designed.
3. Things that need to be distinguished from each other should differ by more than just a single feature.
4. The shape of an object should reveal how it is to be used.
5. A device should be designed so that it will not be confused with devices that operate under different operating principles. (Watch out "Sports Illustrated Football Phone")
6. Make sure your design provides displays of everything a person needs to see.
7. When you design a device, take the viewpoint of the user.
8. When you design an object, you need to consider the environment that it is used in.
9. Do not add an extra step to a task for the sake of aesthetics.
10. Take a hint from people's behavior. If they find it convenient to walk in a particular place, put in a sidewalk - not a barrier. This is an example of "natural" design.
11. When you design something, you need to test it with a variety of people to make sure it does not have any annoying side effects.
12. A well-designed object can be designed to both look good and be easy to use.
13. When you design something, you need to think about the great differences in the capabilities of the people that will need to use it.
14. When you have several similar displays close together and lined up, people will confuse them with each other.
15. Place a control next to the device it controls.

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Do refrigerators need a lock and key?

Refrigerators have been here for a quite long time and there are bad designs of the refrigerators that went unpopular due to their design. We had brought a new refrigerator that had two doors where the lower part was a fridge and the upper part was a freezer. Now it was designed in such a way that one has to bend over to keep anything in the fridge....

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