Select 2 companies of interest, one a manufacturing company, the other a service company. Provide a brief summary of each company including compelling evidence illustrating the company is either a manufacturing or a service company,

Manufacturing: Research the manufacturing process for selected company. Create a manufacturing process map. Explain the elements of infrastructure for the manufacturing company using flow charts and be sure to provide a key. Cite 3 to 5 sources to support process map.

Service: Research the service process for the selected company. Create a service process map. Explain the elements of infrastructure for the service company using flow charts and be sure to provide key. Cite 3 to 5 sources to support your process map.

Provide a 750-1,000 word summary describing the differences/similarities between manufacturing and service environments. For each company identify if customer-introduce variability is available. If, not, how would you implement flexibility for customer introduced variability? How will a deep understanding of both manufacturing/service environments help you in your future or current career. Provide an example.

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Car Manufacturing Company like Ford or Toyota has the following manufacturing process as follows: The various parts of the car are assembled and mounted to bring out the final product which is an evidence of it being a manufacturing company(Automobile, 2016)The final product is a tangible one which can be seen and purchased by the end consumer(Toyota, 2016). Most of the car manufacturing takes place in an automated system which runs in an assembly line process as shown below. Most of the parts are stored in inventory and called for when they are assembled(Melton, 2005)....

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