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Supply Chain Management Strategy. ERP. and RFID There are strategic imperatives that successful organizations must embrace today: 1) customer focus efficiency. 3)effectiveness, 4)integration and coordination of business processes with supply chain partners, 5) responsiveness, and € environmental sustainability Organizations must implement supply chain management strategy (SCMS) b support the integration and coordination imperative. You know quite abit about SCM by now. Youknow that competition today sat the supply chain rather than organization level. For example, Wal Mart's supply chair competes against Target's supply chain. You know that supply chain value chain that extends from suppliers' suppliers final customers It includes suppliers, manufacturers wholesalers, and retailers all working together satisfy customers. You also know that SCM the processo the integration and coordination of the business processes and management improvement programs throu ghout the supply chain for the purpose satisfying the ultimate customers ofth supply chain Examples business processes are purchasing, manufacturing marketing and logistics Examples of the management improvement programs are market orientation, JIT. TQM. SCM, agile production, and green supply chain management practices. Integration and coordination the business processes and extension of the improvement programs requires the synchronous sharing of data and information among the supply chain partners on real time basis. Information sharing among supply chain partners enabled through enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. ERP systems work on data. Getting the data into the ERP system problernatic Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology an automatic identification technolo gy that being adapted to more casily feed data ERP systems. RFID technology does not require line-ol -sight hurnan intervention capture data Generally to compete successfully the supply chain level. organizations must adopta SCMS install ERP system, and utilize RFID technology. With SCMS. ERP. and RFID in place, an organization's supply chain performance should improve which turn. should lead to improved organizational performance (financial and marketing). These relationships are depicted in the SCMS/ERP/RFID Performance Model displayed below. The SCMS ERP RFID_ SCP ORP sav dataset will allow you to assess the model see how SCMS. ERP. and RFID combine toimpact supply chain perfi ormance (SCP and organizationa performance (OP). The dataset was generated based on data collected from 142 manufacturing managers working U.S manufacturing plants. These managers answered questions related to their organization's level adoption FSCMS, ERP. and RFID and level ofSCP and ORP. So, based on what these experts report, want you test the model and see ISCMS ERP and RFID are important managing a the supply chain level. Follow the instructions to complete the path analysis, answer the questions related to direct and indirect effects, and draw conclusions related to the role of SCMS RFID. and ERP within supply chain context. 1. Load the SCMS ERP RFID SCP ORP dataset contains the following variables supply chain management strategy (SO (MS). enterprise resource planning (ERP). RFID technology utilization (RFID), supply chain performan (SCP). and organizational performance (ORP). Note the following definitions of the variables SCMS strategy that ensures that organization fully integrates and coordinates the business processes (purchasing, production, selling, logistics.. with supply chain partners (suppliers and castomers). ERP i information system that supports the integration and coordination the business processes by providing just-in-time information all supply chain partners related t types inventory. RFID stands Radio Frequency Identification andis technology that supports the monitoring of all types inventories they pass through the supply chaint the ultimate customers of the supply chain. SCP measure organization ability satisfy its immediate customers and the ultimate customers supply chain. ORP measure fobth the marketing and financial performance of an organization 2. Complete the three regression analyses listed below. Remember that regression analysis SPSS requires cormand sequence: [analyze, regression, linear, move the dependent variable the dependent variable block move the independent variables to the independent variable block, OK). Required Regressions Regression Dependent Variable Independent Variables ORP SCMS. ERP RFID. SCP SCP SCMS. ERP RFID ERP SCMS, RFID To complete the path analysis, you Uneed to fill in the p² values and beta values with significance notation ns) rectangles the figure. The model summary tables contain the values. table contains the beta values (standardized coet fficients) and significance that you will need complete the path analysis Interpre the significance levels for the beta values using the information provided in note below 3. Fill theR² values and the beta values with signific ance notation(** *.ns). R² ORP SCMS R² ERP SCP SCMS. ERP. RFID Performance Model RFID 4. Answer the following questions based on the path analysis results? A direct impact requires a positive beta significant 05 o level. An indirect impact requires betas significant each link in the path. When you answer, be sure to include the betas with significance levels support your answer. Direct Impacts o ORP Does SCMS directly impac ORP? Does ERP directly impact ORP? Does RFID directly impact ORP? d. Does SCP directly impact ORP? Direct impacts or SCP : Does SCMS directly impact SCP? Does ERP directly impact SCP? g. Does RFID directly impact SCP? Indirect Impacts ORP h. Does SCMS indirectly impact ORP through SCP (SCMS>SCP>ORP) Does ERP indirectly impact ORE through SCP? Poes RFID indirectly impact ORP through SCP? k Doss SCMS indirectly impact ORP through ERP? Does REII indirectly impact ORP through ERP? Indirect Impacts SCP m. Does SCMS indirectly impact SCP ERP? n. Does RFID indirectly impact SCP ERP? 5. Based the results of your analysis, how do SCMS. RFID. and ERP combine impact SCP? I'm looking for full paragraph. 6. Based the results your analysis how SCMS. RFID. and ERP combine impact ORP? I'm looking for full paragraph. 7. Now based on your answers to and 6 explain what managers should do to improve the performance their organizations

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