1) Illustrate the two opposing pressures; reduction in costs and adaptation to local markets.

2) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four basic strategies associated with the options strategic managers have at their disposal to compete in the global market.

3) Explain how the generic strategies (overall cost leadership, differentiation, and focus) are used by new market entrants to achieve a competitive advantage - support your response with examples for each of the three strategic methods.

4) Explain the two main categories of competitive actions new entrants may employ. Next, explain what are the principles of a 'likely competitive reaction'? Lastly, what are competitive dynamics?

5) Company founders play a key role in developing an organization's culture and values. Occasionally, their influence persists over years. From the stand point of strategic management theory, what are the pros and cons of this leadership influence, with respect to a sustainable competitive advantage.

6) Now that you are in week six, has your opinion changed about the two leadership styles discussed in week two? Explain your answer.

7) Sometimes organizations strategically hire from the outside to hire talent, bypassing existing employees. Review and establish whether there are any unethical considerations with this practice and what should be done instead? What effects does this strategic recruitment practice have on Double and Triple Loop Learning; does external talent strengthen or weaken the process of strategic learning? Explain why or why not.

8) Explain the differences between product innovations and process innovations. From your leadership style (as established in chapter one), which of these innovations is outside your comfort zone, explain why and what can you do to overcome this leadership obstacle.

5) What role does emotional intelligence play in developing strategic management leadership?

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1) Illustrate the two opposing pressures; reduction in costs and adaptation to local markets.
There are two opposing pressures when companies try to enter the global market and these two opposing pressures result in four different strategies based on these forces. The companies can be international, multinational, domestic or transnational. There are subtle differences to these strategies and when there is pressure on reduction of costs, there are also pressures on adapting to the local culture and social and political norms on which the country is expanding(Dess, McNamara, & Eisner, 2016)....

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