Can Air and Travel Age Elvit, who works for CanAirLtd. and Cinby, who works for TravelAge Ltd, are employed as production managers. Last night, both of them attended a staff development meeting organised by Production Management Institute, a professional body, of which they are members. During the coffee break, Elvit and Cinby discussed the various leadership styles that they were following in their respective organisations.

Cinby told Elvit that she was newly appointed to the role, and was relatively inexperienced.She pointed out that she manages a team of forty workers, grouped into project teams with highly skilled and experienced staff in each team. Cinby mentioned that her predecess or was unpopular with the workforce since he adopted an autocratic style of leadership. Atone stage, the Labour Relations Agency were asked to mediate in a dispute regarding management/ employee relations in which staff felt stifled and de-motivated that led to low productivity. In view of this, she had been thinking of adopting a democratic leadership style.

Elvit told Cinby that he had a friendly personality and was optimistic that he will get on well with the workers in the company that he is employed. He went on to say that a total of fifty workers are employed,with 40 of them having been employed with the business for over 20 years. The others, mostly unskilled, tend to be younger workers who stay for a year or so and then move on elsewhere. Elvit thinks that the latter group are harder to motivate. Elvit is aware that new Health & Safety regulations are due to be implemented and this will require discipline in the workforce. He is thinking of adopting a more autocratic leadership style.

Explain the key functions of management that are essential for CanAir Limited and TravelAge Limited and discuss the impact of managers’ leadership styles as outlined in the scenario in motivating employees.

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There are essentially five types of Management functions that can be Relevant across all companies such as CanAir and Travel Age Ltd. These 5 functions include Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. These functions overlap each other and are generally inseparable. This is because each function blends into other managerial functions and also impacts the performance of others(Leonard, 2018).
Planning involves setting up goals for the company and also device the course of action to attain those goals. Managers tend to schedule the tasks and activities for achieving these goals and here leaders should be able to see the big picture and also becomes problem solvers such that they can identify specific things that can lead to the overall success of the organization.
The second function is of organization of...

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