"Control Charts" - Please respond to the following:

- From the e-Activity, analyze two to three different types of control charts, focusing on which aspects of each control chart would fit well in the industry that you chose to research.
- Reconstruct a situation where a process was deemed out of control. Focus your reconstruction on key variations related to assignable causes or Type I errors. Next, determine the steps you could take to ensure that the process is maintained in the UCL, CL, or LCL of the control chart.

"Six Sigma and Acceptance Sampling" - Please respond to the following:

- Using the Six Sigma Approach (DMAIC), provide an example situation that utilizes the five-step plan, and determine three to four challenges you may encounter using this approach. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.
- Using acceptance sampling, propose a situation in which you would be forced to utilize both the consumer’s risk and the producer’s risk, and then justify key usages of both within an industry of your choice. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

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1) 1. Control charts
In all production processes, it is a need to monitor the extent to which the products meet specifications. Generally speaking, there are two "enemies" of product quality: (1) deviations from target specifications, and (2) excessive variability around target specifications.

The general approach to on-line quality control is straightforward: samples of a certain size are extracted from the ongoing production process. Line charts of the variability in those samples is produced, and their closeness to target specifications is considered. If a trend emerges in those lines, or if samples fall outside pre-specified limits, then the process is declared to be out of control...

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