Meetings can be the death of an organization!
How many of you sit in meeting after meeting, doodling, becoming more irritated by the moment, wondering why you are wasting your time, counting the seconds until you can break free and get back to real work? I doubt that there is a person in North American who has not experienced this situation.
But do meetings have to be so ineffectual?
After years of tortuous meetings in my long career in the investment profession, I decided to make meetings an art form. Truly. Here is my formula for successful meetings:
*Call a meeting only when absolutely necessary. If a situation can be discussed or resolved through an vehicles.
*Attendees should be on an "as need" basis. No extraneous people, please, and no exceptions!
*Always create and distribute an Agenda before the meeting. Write at top of the Agenda when the Meeting will begin and when it will end. Write how long each item will be given. Stick to timetable. It shows respect for people's time.
*Discuss Agenda items with key people before the Meeting.
*Get support for your case by polling key people about certain items, perhaps topics that you know will be met with resistance, before the Meeting.
*Have someone else bring up certain topics and support them. Then it does not seem that you are issuing orders.
*Encourage appropriate discussion at Meeting, but no personal attacks on those who disagree. Always keep language civilized and appropriately professional. Rein in those who threaten a speaker or who arrogantly dismiss what someone says.
*If discussion runs over allotted time, table the topic for next Meeting or memo follow-up.. Suggest that one person report on the extended discussion.
*While you want to control the Meeting, and sometimes the outcomes, do not give the impression that everything is a done deal. Listen respectfully to everyone. No one likes to be thought of as a "rubber stamp".
*And, finally, what worked best for me: coffee and pastry for morning meetings, cookies and soda for afternoon meetings.
Promise people that meetings will begin and end on time, and offer snacks -- well, that was a winning combination for me for many, many years! I built a reputation for respecting people's time and helping them manage their jobs more efficiently.

After reviewing the topic on Managing Meetings, observing meetings at your workplace, and using my Meeting Tip Sheet attached, set up a meeting at your place of work. If you do not currently work, research how a meeting would be run in your profession.
What is good about the management of meetings?
What can be improved for better effectiveness?
Are the meetings necessary?
Who participates and why?
Add your own questions and analyze the way meetings are managed.
Use at least four outside source (in addition to text and my Tip Sheet).
Two direct quotes from outside source correctly cited in-text and in
References. Look up format...points will be deducted for incorrect citations. Use Owl at Purdue, The Writing Center, the Library, APA Manual, etc.
Outside source must have attribution...writer's name and credentials; i.e., university professor, author who is expert in her field, business person who writes about or conducts meeting training workshops, etc. Do not use websites without attribution. Must include author's name and credentials.
All quotes in this course will be cited as above. Please follow the instructions carefully.
Begin by stating a Purpose for the Meeting, then create an Agenda (perhaps with time limits after each item) with time and place of Meeting, then add a List of Attendees.
Who will run the Meeting?
Who will speak on the Agenda Items?
Who will take Minutes (notes of Meeting)? Will that person distribute to
Attendees after Meeting?
Who will be responsible for follow-up on specific items?
After Meeting, analyze how it went...did you stay on time, stay on track, who used laptop while others were speaking, did facilitator have to step in to diffuse tension, were there arguments, what could have been improved?

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The Alpha Team of our parish (Star of the Sea Catholic Parish) has been organizing two batches of the Alpha course, an 11-week event to run from June to August this year every Wednesday evening. “Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith” (Alpha International, n.d.). In this connection, another meeting was planned and conducted on April 13, 2019, Sunday, from 6:00 in the evening until 8:00 pm.
Purpose: The main purpose was assessment of the team’s readiness to conduct the two batches of Alpha course this coming June. Specifically, readiness would be gauged in terms of progress reports from various committees – on invitations/information dissemination, food and hospitality, prayer and music, venue, others.
Agenda: 1) Report on number of participants and important statistics – age range, gender, civil status, church involvement, ethnicity, etc.; c/o the invitation committee
2) Report on food and hospitality concerns – food budget, catering or other alternatives, number of team members; c/o the food and hospitality committee
3) Report on prayer and music materials and presentations; c/o Peter Smith
4) Report on final venue, especially for regular evening and weekend sessions; c/o Michael Smith
5) Others: Updates on t-shirt printing and cost, and other matters that may be discussed, if time permits.
Meeting facilitator and reporters:
Rosemary Coulter will facilitate the meeting, being the recognized Alpha coordinator in the parish. Reports addressing the agenda will be provided by the committee heads or representatives and the people mentioned. As for one ‘Others’ agendum, Brendan Trump will provide updates. 
Secretary: Since the Alpha team is an informal, ad hoc group, the designated secretary for the meeting...

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