Discuss critical errors in intercultural and diversity communication, what some of them are, how they occur, how they can be avoided, how adverse results can be reversed. Relate them to one example of a critical error in intercultural communication at your place of work. If none occur, please research one incident and report on it...brief summary, results, how the situation could have been handled better or avoided completely. List at least 6 References.
Look for ways to enhance this assignment -- what can you include that is not mentioned.
Be sure to include quotes, citations and References of current articles.
Reference sheet included. APA style.
1000 words

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A simplistic understanding of intercultural communication, yet meaningful depending on the effectiveness of application, is “exchanging information between people from different cultures” (InterNations, n.d.). The Journal of International Communication includes in its policy statement that increased “communication between people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds” is facilitated through various means; through business globalization, military cooperation, international tourism, and immigration, among others (Journal of Intercultural Communication, n.d.). The coining of ‘international communication’ is credited to an American anthropologist Edward Hall who suggested methods to approaching the subject matter’s analysis, which involved: 1) “a non-judgmental view toward and acceptance of cultural differences” and 2) “participatory training methods in intercultural communication” (Moniviestin, n.d.). Based on the aforementioned definitions and discussions of intercultural or diversity communication, a lot of challenges may be anticipated due to cultural differences.
With respect to the role of cross-cultural communication in business, issues may exist in at least two levels: communication within a diverse organization (between members) and communication between diverse organizations (between business partners or parties) (Communications-Major, 2019). To illustrate, Japanese employees are generally observed to only vocally participate...

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