Process Improvement Project Assignment
Individual Process Improvement Project Assignment: Drawing upon either your own organization (or previously worked for) or an organization with which you are familiar, identify an area of activity and suggest how the current management of operations could be improved. It is important that you explain the area of activity and its purposes clearly by providing adequate information and contextual information of the chosen organization. For the area of activity identified, define and critically evaluate suitable operational objectives or performance outcomes and suggest how the current management of the operations could be improved. It is important that you seek where possible to apply the various models, concepts, tools and techniques considered during the course. It is also important that you support your work by references and data (where applicable).

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1. About the company
Kazan airport is the biggest airport in the Tatarstan. It is not one of the biggest airports in Russia (currently on the 15th place), but still according to Russian Aviation Insider (2018) for the 2017 report, it served 2.623 million passengers. When observed on a daily level, it would be approximately 7200 passengers that are handled on the Kazan airport. Airport possess two large terminals - business class and for commenced operations. IATA code is KZN. As it could be seen from various online sources, such as Skytrax (2019), provided reviews from the passengers are indicating that airport is very nicely maintained but queuing times are something that should be considered to be reduced. Thus, the rest of this paper will concentrate only on the operations regarding airport desks including passenger checking, reservations, purchasing additional services (ancillaries) and any other help desk services.

2. Operations
Within this section we are examining the current operations in terms of airport desks - reservation and check-in desks and help desks, agents organization and key operations metrics.
2.1. Current operations
Business class terminal within Kazan airport building is designed to handle and process 100 passengers traveling and using business class services per hour. Second terminal for commenced operations, is supporting and handling the remaining daily passenger traffic regarding economy class travelers.
Agents who are working on the desks are responsible for three groups of activities: (1) reservation and selling tickets, (2) passenger check-in and selling ancillaries and (3) 1st line help desk. Within help desk group, there could be handling of various requests from passengers, solving technical and reservation system issues, as well as reaccomodation and redirection of passenger in case of flight interruptions, delays and cancellations.
There are a total of 25 agents (staff members) who are proficient in all three group of activities and they all are rotated in three shifts for reservation and check-in desk and in two shifts for help desk. Third shift for 1st line help desk is remote and have only one agent on standby with the mobile phone and laptop with the access to the reservation system. There are 3 team leaders who are not switching from activities groups (1 team lead for reservations, 1 team lead for check-in and 1 for help desk) and they are always working in the first shift. First shift is covering from 6.00am (first morning flight is departing at 6.40am) to 2pm. Second shift is covering period from 2pm to 10pm and third shift is covering nightly period from 10pm to 6am (last flight for that day is departing at 11.35 and first in the morning is at 3.35). Timetable is for the one season and is publicly available through official website (Kazan Airport, 2018), but some flight times could be changed due to...

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