Prepare a forecast of the trend in the most important metric(s) over the next 3 – 5 years for your company (e.g., sales, or revenue, or profit), if it continues its current operations. Where will it be in 2018 – 2020?

What is the most important issue facing your company? Why? What do you propose the company can/should do about this issue? Briefly describe implementation.

If the company follows your advice, what do you expect to be the outcome? Where will the company be in the next 3 – 5 years (via the same metrics as your first forecast) after implementing your suggestion?

Prepare this succinctly, in two pages. Do not show your mathematical work (describe the method used to make the forecast).

The company is D.R. Horton.

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This report is based on the company D. R. Horton Inc. As per Market Watch (2014), the company is the largest builder in the United States in terms of closed homes and in terms of market capitalization; it is the third largest builder. It has operating divisions across 27 states and 78 metropolitan markets in the United States (Annual report, 2013).
Forecast of trend with current operations
The forecasting of trend can be done with...

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