The latest news from TM indicated negotiations between union representatives and management at TM reached a dead point and a strike is imminent. Given the urgency of the situation I need you to contact TM management and union representatives to clarify their positions. Also, you need to contact the other producer of rings to explore additional options in case the strike happens.

I will need a situational report that includes at least the following:
• TM management stand with respect to the strike
• Union workers stand with respect to the strike
• Impact of the strike in Mark X production plans
• What options are available through the second ring producer.

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Executive Report

Executive Summary

Daejo Motors’ production of the Mark X will likely be significantly impacted by impending strike action at Tier II supplier, Tijuana Metallica (TM); this report will provide an overview and contextual information, together with analysis of the situation and recommendations for action.

The methodology used in constructing this report consisted primarily of gathering and sorting as much information as possible about the situation, regarding management and union workers atTM, our alternate supplier, Bayern Fabrication Werks (BFW), our engine supplier, California Zepher Engineering (CZE), our logistics partner, Alacritous Logistics Services Group (ALSG), and our dealership network.

This report recommends that BFW be immediately prompted and incentivized to...
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