Write a paper on the Organizational Culture of Starbucks.

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Wei, Samiee and Lee (2014) define organizational culture as the unique aspects of an organization that reflects the vision, mission and the cultural characteristics of the base population. Although in most cases organizational culture is intrinsic and follows a predetermined historical background, the modern organization develops a formal culture to incorporate the cultural diversity because of increased globalization and international investments. Formally, an organizational culture is a structure of assumed beliefs and values that regulate the human resource operations within an organization. An organizational culture differs with the size and age of an organization. Starbuck is one of the leading global investments. As such, its organizational culture reflects diversity and universality. The purpose of the document is to offer an in-depth examination of Starbucks organizational since the establishment of the corporation. Additionally, the author offers an objective examination of the culture applicability across regional borders and legal policies....

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