Read about the Idealist type of person and write two and a half pages on a personal and practical level, describing the personality including the weakness and the strengths: what are they? What do they mean? How can they be improved?
Write in the first person as if it were your own experience.

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I. Personality; Idealist
After objective assessment of my personality through a combined matrix, which incorporates my thoughts, character, and practical experiences, I realized that I am an idealist. Idealism is the ability of an individual, through experiences, training, and distinctive characters, to embrace a fixed social and mentally constructed approach as opposed to material possessions. As such, idealists tend to focus more on the people rather than the processes materials.
In psychology, idealists are the noblest social players as they seek to integrate all the mental aspects by asserting that all the entities are conceived and developed in the mind and the spirit of an individual. Therefore, they oppose the dualist theories that give minimal priority to the mind as the central controller of external processes. Over the years, psychologists have developed an in-depth analysis of the idealist and the functioning of their brain, which creates a broad range of both merits and demerits. In a prejudiced examination, I can relate to most of the attributes reflected on idealists’ analysis matrixes.
To begin with, idealists are more inclined to personal development and long-term growth. Unlike other individuals, idealists focus on understanding themselves and constantly strive to become the best they can be in their life. The open mentality allows them to have minimal limitations to the achievable personal and group development. As outlined earlier, the definition of idealists lies majorly in their assertion that every entity revolves around the mind as the most powerful tool. Therefore, as the mind and spirit remain unlimited, the idealist desire and potential for self-growth and enrichment remains open despite their current position in the social, religious or political hierarchy. Idealists are known to make and commit to long-term goals at the expenses of more tangible short term goals.
Secondly, Idealists are enthusiastic with a strong sense of belonging, intuition, wisdom and the desire for a mutual and meaningful relationship with their counterparts. By recognizing that the mentality is the most powerful asset and recognizing...

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