Diagnose a process/structure/environment in an organization that you're familiar with and that needs improvement and design an organizational development (OD) intervention to achieve positive change.
Organizations such as your place of employment, community groups, volunteer groups, school committees, and even city/state/Federal governments are areas to consider.
Using APA formatting requirements (12 point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, 1" margins, title and reference pages), write a 300-350 word paper introducing your chosen organization and the associated process/structure/environment that needs improvement.
Additionally, your paper should discuss the following: why you have chosen your organization;a diagnosis of why the change is needed;proposed organizational behavior concepts from the text that might apply as you work towards an intervention.

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A Floundering Online Educational Unit – An OD Intervention Proposal

The organization, its challenges, and the reason for intervening
This organizational development (OD) intervention will be concerned with, broadly, improving the performance of the online education unit of a small university. This organization was chosen for the complexity and interest of its particular performance problem set, presented as follows. As with technologically-dependent enterprises at many universities, especially in the relatively early days of online development, the university’s ‘distance’, online education system was developed in-house and started small...

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