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Based on your work and/or research experience, report on an organization or unit in need of an Organizational Development (OD) intervention; describe in detail the steps needed to diagnose and address the organization's/unit's situation.
Your report needs to be 12-15 pages.

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This organizational development (OD) intervention attempts to address the problems of a floundering, once-pioneering, online education unit (OEU) at a major public research university. Given the complexity of the issues at play, a significant portion of this report is devoted to diagnosis of the challenges faced by the OEU. The intervention prescribed is largely exploratory, with the goal of acquiring much-needed information on—and thereby understanding of—the idiosyncratic institutional factors assumed to be undergirding the OEU’s decline. If these assumptions are confirmed, the change process required will be fundamental, incremental, and will require years of concerted institutional effort.

Why this organization was chosen
The organization chosen for this OD intervention is a major public research university which has a well-known and generally well-regarded graduate online degree program. Specifically, this OD intervention is concerned with the administrative unit responsible for running the online program, as well as with the unit’s administrative context. This university and its OEU were chosen, in part, because, in terms of a broad organizational-development narrative, they epitomize what can happen when a unit’s success outpaces the ability of it and its institution to manage that success. And, what makes this an especially interesting problem is that it is created and exacerbated by features typical of many universities: entrenched decentralized administration, with the attendant clashes over turf and culture; concerted efforts to ‘reform’ decentralization (almost always initiated by otherwise hamstrung university presidents); rampant administrative ‘bloat’ somehow coupled with ongoing corporatization; ...

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