Final Essay

I expect your paper to reflect your learning from the course in its entirety.

The final paper should be no longer than 10 double-spaced pages (excluding Title Page, References, and Appendices)

Please use 12 point Times New Roman font, "normal (1 inch) margins, and APA Referencing Style.

Once you've reviewed the questions, you will notice that all of the essay questions are based on movie Beware of choosing question because you like the movie; rather, suggest selecting question that best allows you to showcase areas of knowledge that you are most passionate about.

Choose one of the following options to answer

Option D:
Watch the film "The Company Men. The film stars Ben Affleck as Bobby Walker and Chris Cooper as Phil Woodward. Describe the organizational culture and structure of GTX Corporation; be sure to use at least three descriptors so that the reader has good understanding of GTX Corporation's culture/ structure

Next, propose the changes that you would make to GTX Corporation's culture and/or structure justify your choices using course material and explain the intended effects of those changes
Even though GTX Corporation is not perfect (hence the proposed changes you identified), we see how its employees desire to stay with the organization; this perhaps, best demonstrated when Bobby, Phil, and Gene are laid off. Compare and contrast Bobby's, Phil's and Gene reactions to being laid off; use course material where appropriate.

Of the three characters Phil clearly takes the lay off the hardest. Why do you think Phil takes the lay off the hardest? For example, is it something unique to his personality, his attitude his situation, or something else?

Find at least three peer reviewed research articles support your theory about why Phil took the news the hardest: describe the studies research findings and explain how they apply to Phil. Finally inspired by your research findings and/or the course material, provide one suggestion for friends and/or family members of individuals who have recently been laid off What can they do help? Explain.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Personal Identity and the Great Recession –

The Effects of Bad-Faith Organizational Culture, Commitment, Loss, and Social Support, in the Trajectories of Lives

GTX’s organizational structure and culture; possible changes
To the extent it is possible to ‘know’ the structure of a fictional company depicted over the course of a two-hour movie, an outline of GTX’s organizational structure can be inferred. Primarily through the retrospectives of Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Gene McClary—one of the company’s cofounders—we are told GTX began as a shipbuilding business, and then grew and expanded into many other sectors. While shipbuilding was apparently still a part of GTX’s portfolio, that division, like much of US manufacturing, had been struggling if not near outright failure. And, due to the onset of the Great Recession—unbeknownst by that name during the movie’s time period—the conglomerate that GTX had become was in trouble across its divisions, not just in shipping. So, in order to keep GTX’s share price buoyant, CEO and cofounder James Salinger, played by Craig T. Nelson, orders one large round of layoffs – soon followed by another even larger set of retrenchments consisting in layoffs but little else in the way of belt-tightening (as evidenced by Salinger’s refusal to sell assets such as a new, absurdly extravagant corporate building). From these details, the approximate organizational structure of GTX can be gleaned, with vital implications for the company’s organizational culture.
GTX is presented as the quintessential hierarchical organization, almost comically so. CEO Salinger appears to wield power and make decisions wholly unchecked, even going as far as disregarding and then punishing the counsel of Gene, his longtime friend. There is also little mention of a Board of Directors; presumably, given Salinger’s overriding concern with the company’s share price, the rest of the Board must have shared that mindset and supported the layoff-focused approach to improving ‘performance’ by cutting costs. The company is also depicted as divisional, in that there appeared to be divisions concerned with different market sectors or industries. And, as is usually the case for companies of GTX’s apparent size, there was a matrix element to its organizational structure as well, with large, division-spanning functional areas like HR—headed by Mario Bello’s Sally Wilcox—and marketing, where Ben Affleck’s Bobby Walker held a pivotal position prior to being unceremoniously axed...

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