Organizational theory is the study of how organizations function and how they affect and are affected by the environment in which they operate. Relying on organizational theory administrators can examine the agency’s design and operation and make changes to or redesign various aspects of the organizations. This is done to maintain & increase effectiveness.
Theoretical and conceptual tool for organizational change assist administrator in:

- Analyzing organizational situations
- Proposing and implementing suitable solutions to create organizational change and increased effectiveness.

Read the attached articles provided and conduct further research on this topic, resulting in at least 1 other reference in your bibliography. When you use any information from the attached article, those articles should be listed in your bibliography, in addition to the 1 article you have researched.

You are to research the various theories listed in the attached documents and provide a 3-page report on your finding. You are expected to create a scholarly discussion concerning these theories and your comprehension of how they impact an organization’s behavior and performance is imperative to your as a public administrator.

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Comprehension of Organizational Theory

An organization is a collective unit of individuals that is structured and guided to meet an obligation or seek collective goals. It usually has a management structure that governs the relationships between members and various activities, subdivides, commissions authority, responsibilities, as well as roles to perform different tasks. On the other hand, organizational theory is a relatively bind family of different models of organizational analysis. Its methods, themes, questions, and analytical approaches are extremely diverse. It is characterized by claims, heterogeneity, and counter-claims.
The organization theory traces its roots from concepts such as the Max Weber’s bureaucratic approach of the 20th century. Weber held the thought that the ideal organizational form was represented bureaucracies, which are staffed by bureaucrats. In his model, he argues that in an organization, the workers’ responsibilities...

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