"On Elton Mayo’s view of the employee is unsubstantiated and flawed. "
(why Mayos view is flawed IIlouz, Bruce and Nyland, and Mayo)

Explain the relationship between motivation, subjectivity, and work design: ‘Motivation is necessary because work has become meaningless’.
(use Taylor and scientific management to explain loss of motivation...use Drucker, Seivers, Maslow and Darot to explain motivation)

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A. Mayo’s Human Relations Theories
Elton Mayo remains a key contributor to the modern human relations at a workplace. Using his Hawthorne experiment, he identified the various attributes that affect the productivity of workplace teams. He also developed a matrix for managerial use that sought to offer the likelihood that people will thrive and avail their best within a specified work setting. Firstly, he examined the norms, cohesion, motivation, and group thinking as the core determinants of group success. He argued that every group of workers, as identified in their informal group within formal organizations, had different realizations of these attributes, which made their success different.
After the analysis, Mayo analyzed the problems experienced in the work environment and offered the most applicable solutions to them through empirical examination. However, despite the success of the scholar in developing and implementing managerial strategies, other scholars have criticized his work as unsustainable and skewed. Te scholarly majorly criticized mayo’s inability to integrate other theories into his work making his extrapolations exclusive and thus less applicable in some situations.
To begin with, as explained by Illouz (2008) Mayo’s work was contradictory following the subjectivity of his experiments and the latter claims. Before Hawthorne theory that dictated on new sets of managerial skills, most psychologists had not identified the relationship between productivity and personality traits. It is Mayo who initially introduced the concept that personality traits such as honesty, loyalty and good will significantly affect the employees’ ability to deliver their duty and relate with their co-workers. Therefore, he argued that a successful manager ought to have a way to explain the confounding human behavior and their interaction with others....

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