Organizational Behavior
Instructions for Case Analysis
Memos Purpose Case analyses give you the opportunity to evaluate realistic business situations using relevant theories and concepts and to propose reasonable and informed business solutions. The primary question that you are addressing in any case analysis is, “What would you recommend to the case protagonist?” By answering this question, you are forced to analyze a wide variety of evidence in order to identify the underlying problem and then generate an appropriate solution and action plan. You may feel that you do not have enough information to make an informed decision regarding the case. This is intentional because decision making under uncertainty is a fundamental characteristic of management. By being presented with realistic, but incomplete information on the case company or organization, you will learn to prioritize information, make judgment calls based on the prioritized data and management theories, and generate specific recommendations.

Memo ComponentsThe case analysis memo should be written in a professional manner with correct spelling and grammar. Your memo should include the following components: 1.Introduction, Overview, or Background - Begin your analysis by providing a brief(i.e., no more than one paragraph) introduction to the case. Here you might provide a basic background on the company, industry, operating unit, etc. Provide a transition to the key management problem statement and section.

2.Fundamental (or key) management problem – As you read the case, diagnose the fundamental management problem facing the protagonist. The problem should focus on one primary issue, but may have many different symptoms. For example, if you determine that the employees in the case are dissatisfied, this may be a symptom, rather than the underlying problem. Dig deeper to diagnose what is causing the dissatisfaction. The problem should also be deeper than the decision point that is described in the case. For example, if the case asks you what Laura Wollen should do next, that is the decision point. The underlying problem includes the issues that have gotten Laura Wollen to the decision point in the first place. Determining the fundamental management problem is the key to an effective case, so take your time and make sure that you are targeting the most important concern. As you present the fundamental management problem in your report, you will need to convince the company that this problem exists. Therefore, support your diagnosis with as much evidence from the case as you can. You should also include relevant theories and concepts from class that help support your problem diagnosis. You will have to explain

the basics of these theories in plain English, since your intended audience is the

protagonist or top management of the organization, not a professor who is intimately familiar with these ideas.

3.Recommended solution – Using Organizational Behavior concepts, generate a solution that resolves the fundamental management problem. It is important that your solution is a viable alternative for addressing the problem you diagnosed. To justify your solution, you will have to describe decision criteria for why you are recommending this particular will have to describe decision criteria for why you are recommending this particular solution. Think about how your solution fits with the organization’s goals, values, strategy, and current market position.

4.Action plan – Generate an action plan that details a step-by-step approach for implementing your solution. Include information about the steps that should be taken, the time frame for each step, the responsible parties for each step, and the criteria for evaluating the success of the plan. It is often effective to present your action plan in the form of a table.

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I write this to all of you to share my thoughts and concerns in relation to the business plan that you propose to make and submit in the HBS business plan contest. I am sure all of you are equally aware of the consequences of this context and on how it can change the life of all concerned in the present situation. I wish to recall a recent conversation with an alumnus who is now running a successful start-up after winning the contest couple of years back and is now on his way to getting through more capital from another round investment from a large venture capital fund. Therefore what is needed is creating an all out effort towards creating a focussed approach at hitting the bull’s eye in the contest that lies in the next few weeks. I have been given to understand through the interactions with Henry that all your meetings so far in the past few weeks have remained largely inconclusive and many of the meetings were less productive than it ought to be for various reasons and it is high time an introspection is done in the context of this business plan. I would feel honored and delighted if given a chance to be part of a team of talented people but such talent needs to be channelled and chiselled into creating an opportunity for all us and this is where each individual roles must be defined towards achieving success in our efforts. I would sincerely like to propose through this communication to all that we need to define roles and responsibilities amongst us to make our efforts see through us to the pinnacle of success. There seems to be a strong feeling that you all are running around in circles which are leading to nowhere and...

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