In this Performance Task Assessment, you will imagine that you are a paid consultant hired to evaluate and resolve a systemic organizational performance problem. You will use the book The Goal to help you construct an integrated and documented analysis. It is important that your analysis is clear and cogent in explaining the root causes of the problems, using concepts from the text and documents provided (and other relevant concepts) to support your argument.

Professional Skills: Written Communication, Technology, and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. You are strongly encouraged to use the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist when completing this Assessment.

Prepare for this Assessment by reading the “Assessment Preparation Guide” document provided. This resource will give you an idea of the purpose and procedures for completing this Assessment.

Then, select and read one of the five case studies provided. Next, read the scenario below. With these business contexts in mind, follow the instructions to develop a plan comprised of three parts: a detailed analytic paper, an accompanying written executive summary, and a 2-slide presentation that focuses on your recommendations.

For the case study that you have chosen, assume that you are working as a business performance consultant and that you’ve been assigned to your case client. After spending several days meeting with the client and the members of the organization, you’ve assembled the information that is represented by the case study. Use the case information to prepare a plan that will communicate your analytic findings and recommendations, based on systems thinking and constraint analysis. In addition to submitting the more detailed analysis, your client has asked you to deliver an executive summary and a very short presentation to the management team.

This assessment has three-parts.

Part I: Systems and Constraints Analysis of an Organization
• Develop robust systems diagrams that capture the system behaviors and outcomes for your client’s organization. Include a 5-Whys “effect-cause-effect” analysis and a causal loop diagram (CLD) that identifies appropriate system constraints and delays and that also identifies the key system archetypes described in the case. (1 page for the 5-Whys diagram, 1 page for the CLD)
• Write a persuasive, prioritized description of your findings and recommendations that integrates the analyses you have performed. (3–4 pages)

Part II: Executive Summary
• Write a brief executive summary description of your prioritized findings and recommendations. (1 page)

Part III: Presentation of Recommendations
Create a presentation that lists your key findings (Slide 1) and relevant recommendations (Slide 2).

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