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Assignment 1- You will need to read about Company strategies in Strategy: A View from the Top, you have to read 13 pages. from 156-169. and write an executive summary about it.

Assignment 2:
Read article, Taylor-Made by Robert Kanigel on Website. Write a 2 page Executive Summary of the article (see introduction to “Writing an Executive Summary” on website.) and explain Taylor’s principals and how they have impacted our current globalized society. Give specific examples

Assignment 3
EDUCATION – PUBLICATIONS Write an Executive summary – maximum 2 pages and include definitions WITHIN of Debt-to Equity Ratio, Working Capital, Current vs. Long Term Debt, Enterprise value.

Assignment 4
Good morning
Yesterday I went to a presentation on additive manufacturing which was most interesting especially for our company as we are in the bioengineering business. I would like you to research this production methodology and send me an executive summary- maximum 3 pages. Describe how it works, advantages, disadvantages as well as some of the key players in the industry. Are there significant possibilities in the area of bioengineering? We may want to acquire a small company in order to get a quick start. Should our relatively small company make an investment in this area?

Homework 5 - STRATEGY #2
(in the 3rd edition it is called , analyzing an organization’s strategic resource base. If you have the 4th edition it has the same title. The proof is if you find a page of financial ratios**. Read the entire chapter and write an executive summary. with your paper be sure to include the definitions of core competencies, stakeholders and eva with examples.
Second text for course - “strategy” - a view from the top. by De Kluyver and Pearcell.
Read the first 31 pages.


a. in the remaining ½ page define a vision statement and a mission statement. what is the difference between them
b. explain the four components of a balanced score card & give examples

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Company strategy
Global strategies often times carry substantial risk even with existence of best planning. This occurs in instances where a company ventures into new markets, new technology and exposes the company to new cultures even though the company’s strategies and returns cannot justify it and are not applicable to the new ventures. Companies are advised to carefully analyze and consider the risk involved, to ensure that the management style that they intend to get involved with will be successful before deciding to get involved with a foreign country or entity. Global risk can between foreign entities can either be socio cultural in nature, political legal or economic in nature.
For a company to be able to state what its strategy is, it should point out at least three strategic points that are easy and simple to comprehend and communicate. They should be the company’s key values, strength in the company developing leaders, the company’s ability to incorporate business on a global scale and expertise in making acquisitions. The advantages of a company instilling and incorporating good strategies, communication will be enhanced at a broader level between all stakeholders and the community. For a company to have a great strategy, it should ensure that the company portfolio of businesses and the underlying rationale of its businesses are critically analyzed and correctly shaped.
                              Components of a good company portfolio
For a corporate portfolio of a company to be shaped correctly, several concepts should be looked at. They include; the company’s economics of scale and scope, the company’s potential growth, the growth of potential strategies at corporate level, vertical and horizontal integration, diversification, the divestment options and finally the finding of ways to create value in the portfolio. In terms of the economics of scale and scope, a company should look big if it has to compete globally. A company’s economies of scale come transpire when a company finds better ways of performing a given task that as a result reduces the cost while economies of scope occur in instances when an asset is shared with different activities and as a result causes the unit cost of an activity to fall. The scope could be for the choices of product, the geographical coverage, and timing of the product and size of the product.
Companies should ensure that the portfolio core is defined and that the full potential of a company’s strongly performing business units are not any cost under exploited. The future potential of a company’s...
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