1) Identify the key short-term or/and long-term people management issues.
Why is it important that these are resolved?

2) Evaluate the role of Nurse Managers (Line Managers taking on the HR aspects of their role) in dealing with these issues in the case study.

3) Analyse the role of HR managers in dealing with these issues.When you analyse an HR managers’ role, you need to identify ethical issues they might face, referring to the case study.

4) Make HR-focused recommendations to resolve this problem. Use evidence from the literature in this field and practical examples from professional practice to justify your recommendations. This must be based on quantitative and qualitative research.

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The core duty of human resource department is to enhance the integration between people, policies, and systems for maximum utilization of the total organization’s input. However, subsequent the dynamic nature of the workers and the constantly changing markets, the HR faces numerous challenges in the attempt to attain an organization’s balance. In the RNC case conceptualization, the HR management is struggling with numerous HR elements as directed by the objectives of the organization and the demands of the workers (The University of Edinburgh, 2008). The organization calls for increased services with a restrained budget, leading to resistant from the workers. In this case, the duty of the HR is to examine the human management issues that affected by any of the changes and offer the most rational approach to handle the situation and satisfy both parties for efficiency. There are several human issues that an HR manager can target handle the crisis amicably without industrial action....
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