Reflect what you have learned in this project management exercise in terms of project management skills including

a) Project planning
b) EVM reporting
c) Teamwork
d) Project execution
e) Other issues

Structure the paper for each discussion point in terms of worked strategies and lessons and future improvements.

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During project planning, everyone needs to be on the same page or else nothing can be accomplished. This includes not only the team members but also the clients being serviced. The clients need to be able to clearly define their project requirements, specifications, special requests, budgets, and time constraints. The team on the other hand needs to be able to plan how to approach the project given the clients’ specifications. The team needs to be able to divide the entire project into milestones and set workable deadlines for each. The timeframes should consider the amount of time needed for testing, rework, and providing updates to the clients. By dividing the project into milestones, the project becomes more manageable since it will not be as overwhelming. Looking at the project in terms of bits and pieces is less stressful that taking it on as whole....
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