Chapter 1
Case 1-2 Flexible Benefits System Implementation at Shah Alam Medical Center
1. What form of project management (basic, program, etc.) does this case most closely resemble?
2. The project manager is also the director of FS, one of several departments that will be affected by the new benefits system. Does this seem like a good idea? What are the pros and cons of her being selected?
3. Comment on the team members’ part-time assignment to the project, and the expectation that they give the project top priority.
4. Much of the success of this project depends on the performance of team members who are not employed by Shah Alam, namely the HBS consultants. They must develop the entire hardware/software benefits system. Why was an outside firm likely chosen for such an important part of the project? What difficulties might this pose to the project manager in meeting project goals?

Chapter 2
Case 2-2 Life and Death of an Aircraft Development Project
1. In this case history, what is the “system” and what are its elements? What is the “environment”, and what are the elements of the environment?
2. Describe the interaction between the system and its environment.
3. Do you feel that important decisions made in this project represent “system thinking”? Explain.
4. Comment on the concept of “integration” in the project. How were aspects of the project integrated or not integrated?
5. What are the main factors that contributed to cancellation of the project? Which of these factors would you characterize as project management?

Chapter 3
Case 3-3 Proposal Evaluation for Apollo Spacecraft
1. How were the points in the “Weighted Total” column determined? Show the computations.
2. North American rated third out of five contractors in the Weighted Total column, yet was awarded the contract. How did that happen? What are the lessons from this example?

Chapter 4
Case 4-1 Star-Board Construction and Santaro Associates: Requirements Snafu
What steps or actions should the architect and contractor have taken, before committing to the specifications on the window units and spacing between granite slabs that would have prevented this problem?

Chapter 5
Case 5-1 Barrage Construction Company: Sean’s WBS
What is your opinion of Sean’s approach to creating a WBS and estimating project costs? Please elaborate.

Chapter 16
Case 16-2 Motorola’s M-Gate Methodology and the RAZR Project
1. Why was it necessary for the RAZR team to work outside of the M-Gate methodology? In what situations might it be necessary to work around or modify the existing project management methodology?
2. What are the potential drawbacks of allowing projects to deviate from the methodology?

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1. This case closely resembles to a basic form of management wherein the project manager is given a formal authority to plan, direct, organize, and control the project from start to finish.
2. No. The director of Financial Systems Department may had the technical background and experience of previously working in the Information Services group in implementing Shah Alam’s patient care information system, which were the advantages of her being selected....
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