Below are several factors that can result in project delays and cost overruns.
1. Poorly defined milestones
2. Poor estimating techniques
3. A missing PERT/CPM chart
4. Functional managers not having a clear understanding of what has to be done
5. Poor programming procedures and techniques
6. Changes constantly being made deep in the project’s life cycle
Knowing what you know now about project delays, what are some techniques project managers can use to avoid scope creep and improve earned value management to prevent project delays? Make sure to fully explain the competencies a project manager must possess and the rationale for your decision.

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One of the main objectives behind every project is its timely completion within the stated cost and quality parameters. Cases of overruns can greatly impact the success of any project. As such, every project manager should possess proper planning and managerial skills so that they can have a holistic view of the project and take actions to minimize deviations from the project plan....
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