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Course Project This exercise is adapted from one presented by Clifford F Gray and Erik W. Larson in their text, "Project Management: The Managerial Process,' McGraw-Hill, Boston, 2000. It is designed to help students apply the principles learned in class and build on the earlier MS Project tutorials. The overall goal is to develop an integrated approach for decision- making and tracking a project's progress. Although the project used in this exercise is real, it has been greatly simplified. The associated assumptions are given below. . Each activity represents work package . A 5-day workweek used for the entire year; there are no holidays . An -hour workday, or 40 -hour workweek, is used. Overtime s not allowed. The project should start on January 2016. There are no overhead costs (Indirect Costs) associated with the project. Resources are considered as teams and there are seven teams in itially available: one team for documentation, one team for assembly/test. one team for purchasing, two teams for design, and two teams for development. The hourly costs per team are: Design $100), Development ($70), Documentation ($60), Assembly/ Cest ($70), and Purchasing ($40). Project Description A new Computer-Controlled Conveyor Belt being considered for manufacturing company Table shows the activities involved in the project and the deliverables associated with the project. Note that there are four deliverables associated with the 22 activities. Table also lists the duration, predecessors, and resource requirements for each activity. Given that the project duration is 470 days and the completion date is 19 October 2017 with the start date of January 1st. 2016. However, the assumption of no resource constraints is not accurate. Recall that resources are considered as teams, not individuals, and there are seven teams initially available: one team for documentation, one team for assembly/test, one team for purchasing, two teams for design, and two teams for development The hourly costs per team are: Design ($100). Development $70), Documentation ($60), Assembly/Test ($70) and Purchasing ($40). Senior management has requested an executive summars to address the following questions in single Word document. Include your project schedule in the word document. 1. Are there any resources over-allocated? If so. identify the resource and the time periods during which the over- -allocation occurs. Click on the "View' tab and 1then "Resource Usage' to gather the appropriate information. 2. Level the project resources within available slack totry and resolve the over -allocation problems. Be sure to click on "Leveling Options" on the *Resource" tab to correctly level. Are any resources still over -allocated? If so. identify the resource and the time periods during which the over-allocation occurs 3. Clear the leveling from the previous step and level the project resources without taking into account the impact on the project duration. What is the resulting project duration and completion date? Include the modified MS Project file as an attachment and label it Atch 1 4. Clear the leveling from the previous step. Since leveling extends the project completion date. senior management wants to add resources to meet the original project duration and completion date. Overtime still not allowed; however two additional development teams are available from in- -house resources. If more development teams are needed you may hire them from an external source. Hire as few external teams as possible because they cost $50 more per hour than internal teams. Additional teams are assigned only for the duration of the activity to which they are assigned. It recommended that work packages requiring cooperation from several organizational units be accomplished by in house personnel. Once you have obtained schedule that meets the time and resource constraints, explain the project changes (number of teams added, which activities, etc.) and results to top management. At minimum, include the new project completion date and report the rolled-up costs for the project by deliverable and by resource. Include the modified MS Project file as an attachment and label it Atch 2. Table 1 for Computer-Controlled Conveyor Belt Project Activity Description Deliverable Resources Duration Preceding (days) Activities 1 Architectural decisions SI DS 25 2 Hardware specifications H DS,DV 50 1 3 Kernel specifications os DS 20 1 4 Utilities specifications U DS,DV 15 1 5 Hardware design H DS, DV 70 2 6 Disk drivers os AT,DV 100 3 7 Memory management os DV 90 3 8 Operating systems documentation os DV,DC 25 3 9 Routine utilities U DV 60 4 10 Complex utilities U DV 80 4 11 Utilities documentation U DC,DS 20 4 12 Hardware documentation H DC,DS 30 5 13 Integration first phase SI AT,DV 50 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 14 Prototypes H AT,DV 80 13 15 Serial drivers os DV 130 13 16 System hard/software test SI AT 25 14,15 17 Order printed circuit boards H P 5 16 18 Network interface os DV 90 16 19 Shell U DV 60 16 20 Project documentation SI DC, DV 50 16 21 Assemble pre -production H AT.DV 30 17 (FS = 50) 22 Integrated acceptance test SI AT.DV 60 H Hardware AT Assembly/test team OS-Operating System DC Documentation team SI Systems Integration DS Design team U Utilities DV Development team Purchasing team Note: The deliverables are considered to be summary tasks

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Project Management: The Managerial Process
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