Choose an industry which best aligns with your future career aspirations as a project manager.
First decide on an industry.
Then select a real corporation that is large enough to house a Project Management Office (PMO).
Find the organization’s mission, vision, and values statement. Also review the strategic plan of the organization.
This can often be found in the annual report that corporations share with their shareholders and the general public online.
Your assignment is to write a 2-3 page report that provides an overview of the corporation where you are interested in starting a PMO.
You will need to define and explain the organization’s mission, vision, and values as well as how they generate a profit or meet their goals.
You will need to explain how the organization currently utilizes project managers, which can often be found by calling the human resources unit.

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With an increase in pace of changes taking place in the operating environment of organizations, it has become imperative for them to stay proactive to changes. Project management approach is a formal management approach that helps to cope with uncertainties since the tasks are required to be completed in the specified time, cost and quality parameters. An increasing number of organizations are using this project management methodology to optimize their efficiency. This report is based on the proposal of starting Project Management Office (PMO) in ServiceNow, which is based in the IT industry....
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