Final PMO Report
In this second section of the report you will build on the research you conducted in Module 2 to create a full 15-20 page report that could be submitted to a CEO to justify the creation of a PMO.

This final report will consist of nine sections:
• Introduction
• The introduction should provide an overview of the report and describe its purpose.
Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values
• This section will draw largely from the organizational research which was conducted in Module 2.
Current Organizational Need for a PMO
• This is where you will make your case for the creation of a PMO. What would be the benefit to the organization of creating a PMO? How would a PMO help the organization meet its goals more efficiently?
Five Industry/Organizational Specific Goals for the PMO (with milestones, etc.)
• What 5 specific goals will be met within the first year, the second year, etc.?
• Each goal should be well defined, include milestones, required resources, metrics, and monitoring requirements.
Mission, and Vision of PMO
• What is the PMO’s mission? What is the PMO’s vision? How do these align with the organization’s mission and vision?
Process for Establishing and Staffing the PMO (including cost to establish and maintain, timeline)
• How many people will work in the PMO? What will the organizational structure look like? Will you hire from within? What roles will each employee have? How much will it cost to create the PMO (salaries, etc.)?
Organizational Chart with PMO (justification with influences and impacts on business culture, accountability, and responsibility)
• Where will the PMO be housed within the organization? Who will the members of the PMO report to? What is the hierarchy, if any, within the PMO?
• Rationale for the placement of the PMO at the point within the organization is required and should include several outside sources to justify placement.
Recommendation (how the organization should move forward to implement PMO; Include suggested schedule)
• If approved, what are the next steps to implement the PMO?
• In summary, what was just presented?

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

With an increase in pace of changes taking place in the operating environment of organizations, it has become imperative for them to stay proactive to changes. Project management approach is a formal management approach that helps to cope with uncertainties since the tasks are required to be completed in the specified time, cost and quality parameters. An increasing number of organizations are using this project management methodology to optimize their efficiency. This report is based on the proposal of starting Project Management Office (PMO) in ServiceNow, which is based in the IT industry. Since technology is ever-evolving, timeliness is very important and the IT solutions provider need to develop a formal plan to provide effective IT solutions to the client. The report would focus on the steps involved to create a formal PMO in the organization along with gathering the support of the employees to work in the desired manner.
ServiceNow – Vision, mission, values and strategic plan
ServiceNow is in the IT industry that is focused on providing enterprise cloud solutions to the clients. Its founder Fred Luddy, had founded it with the vision of developing a platform based on the concept of cloud storage, so that work can be routed in the enterprise through meaningful applications (ServiceNow, 2014). The mission of the company is to change the ways through which people work and implement a service-orientation to perform the activities. Since it is a service-focused company, the primary value is to focus on the client and understand what they want so that simple and highly effective solutions can be provided to them. The strategy of the company is to provide a service model and cloud platform which can be used to automate the processes and also remove reliance on emails and spreadsheets. The company provides models that help in faster delivery and management of several types of services such as facilities, human resources, IT, etc. for the organization. It takes a holistic view of the client so that the service model can be mapped on to the requirements of the client.
Current organizational need for PMO at ServiceNow
The company seeks to provide IT solutions to all types of industries such as healthcare, finance, IT, etc. Currently, it provides a portfolio of services which can be either selected by the customer or can be also customized to the needs of the consumers (ServiceNow, n.d.). Since it is a growing company, most of the work is organized in the form of teams and a particular team is assigned to handle any client. The team meets with the client, tries to understand their requirement and needs, provides solutions and if the solutions are not effective, the entire process is repeated again till the optimal solution is implemented. The company has been relying on customer satisfaction to create its differential advantage. The drawback with this approach is that significant time is wasted in testing of ideas on an organization-wide basis and this costs significant resources and time to the organization.
It is suggested that a formal project methodology approach would help the clients and the company to coordinate better. Since the requirements of the client vary, it is suggested that the planning and implementation phases should...
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