Answer the following questions:

1. Briefly describe how MS Project can be used to create a WBS. Discuss how you would convert your WBS into a network diagram using MS Project.

2. Under what tab in MS Project 2010 would you find Visual Reports? Name at least three reports found in Visual Reports, and explain how and why you would use them.

3. Briefly describe what is meant by a project baseline. Under what circumstances would you use a tracking Gantt rather than a Gantt chart.

4. What are some new features of MS Project 2010 and how do they differ from previous versions of Microsoft Project? What is the most significant change from MS Project 2007?

5. Explain how to enter resources in MS Project 2010 and assign them to tasks.

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Answer 5:
To add the resources in MS project 2010 following process is taken:
• Click View tab > Resource Views group < Resource Sheet
• Type work or material in Resource Name field
• Type group name in Group field to designate resource groups
• In Type field specify the resource such as material, work etc
• Type the total units in Max. Units field
• Right click on resource name < Information < Budget Check box to create a budget resource (Schwalbe, 2010)
To assign the resources in MS project 2010, below process is required:
• Gantt Chart view < Navigate Resource Ribbon < Assign Resources
• Click on task to be assigned < Select resource name < Assign (Atchison & Kennemer, 2011)...

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