Answer the following questions:

1. Briefly describe the earned value over time report in MS Project 2010 reports. Under what circumstances would you use it?
2. Explain what is meant by the term project baseline. Briefly describe how to set a project baseline in MS Project.
3. Compare and contrast earned value with planned value. What should a project manager infer if earned value is greater than planned value?
4. Describe a scenario in which you would use the custom reports feature under the Reports menu in the MS Project 2010 Project View.
5. Briefly describe the earned value schedule indicators table in MS Project 2010. Under what circumstances would a project manager use this table?

*75 words min for each response; APA; Schwalbe, K. (2011). Information technology project management (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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Solution 1

The earned value overtime report in MS project is used to see the performance of the report over the period of time. It actually produces a chart that plots between the actual cost of work performed i.e. AC, planned value of the work i.e. budgeted cost of work scheduled and earned value i.e. budgeted cost of the work performed with respect to time. This is used wide by the project manager to check the performance with respect to the planned cost and the actual cost incurred in the project. Hence, it is used under circumstances when the project manager wants to check whether the project is moving as per budget or not....

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