Vendor Selection Process
Provide an outline of the vendor selection process, and submit both a request for information and a request for proposal on behalf of a healthcare facility requesting a vendor for a service or product of your choice. There is no one method or template for this assignment.

Write a project charter for a technology solution for the same HIT Focus Area.
For that healthcare IT focus area, select a technology solution, and write a Project Charter for the implementation of that technology solution to address the HIT focus area, for a small community hospital. The project charter should include sections for:
- Business problem being addressed
- Objectives of the project
- Project stakeholders
- Project scope (both in scope, out of scope)
- Project resources required
- Project costs
- High-level, milestone-based project schedule
- Risks/Constraints/Assumptions

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This project charter is based on the healthcare facility North Atlanta Primary Care which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility has been focusing to automate the process of scheduling of appointments by clients so that human intervention can be minimized. As such, it has been inviting proposals from IT vendors all across the US to implement an IT solution package at their facilities.
Business problem being addressed
Scheduling appointments has been a big problem for the healthcare facility. Even though the scheduling is done with the help of computers, patients need to call the staff and they make the necessary arrangements after checking the system. This requires time also since the patients enquire about their favorable slots and the availability of the doctors. The problem is high costs since employees are hired to attend the patients and they need to be paid on a fixed basis. Funds are a big constraint for the healthcare facility as it is seeking expansion to other areas also and it needs to cut down avoidable expenses so that funds can be utilized in an efficient and effective manner. Through the development of an App, this problem can be addressed since patients would be able to login and schedule their appointments on their own. Though the initial fixed costs can be high, the recurring costs can be avoided in the future.
Project objectives
The major objectives of the project can be listed as:
• Determining the current needs of the organization with respect to the usage base of the App and the IT infrastructure and applications of the healthcare facility.
• Preparing an implementation plan for the development and rollout of the App.
• Testing the App to ensure that it yields appropriate results and meets the functions it was expected to meet.
Implementing the App rollout so that it can be successfully installed and following-up to ensure that everything...

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