Discussion 4-1: My Project

1. Share the answers to the questions with your fellow learners.
2. Describe how your research is going and what challenges are starting to show up
3. Ask if anyone has had experience with this type of project or if they can point you to useful resources (people, information).

Discussion 4-2: My Ideal Project Team
1. Describe the skills of the people you would like to have on your team.
2. Ask your fellow learners for feedback—are you missing critical skill areas? Who else should you have on your team?
3. Explain your strategy for finding people to be on your project team. Are your team members assigned to you? Can you contract outside people? Can you second people from other areas in your organization?

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Discussion 4-1: My Project

My project is about raising funds for the childrens’ aid society through conducting a one day music festival for which the various stakeholders have to be satisfied for achieving success in out project. To get an idea of my project, we would like to share the components of our project.
• Arranging the venue for the music event
• Arranging the sound system for the music event
• Printing the tickets of various types right from premium, special, etc each catering...

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