Project Name: Netflix Box Office

Background Information:
There is currently a gap between what is offered on Netflix and what the consumer wants to watch. Titles not currently offered on Netflix streaming are available for rental as hard copy… within 3-5 business days. Netflix Box Office aims to provide additional entertainment options to its subscribers immediately. This additional feature will allow consumers to have all of their entertainment needs available in one place, rather than through multiple platforms.

Project Goal:
Netflix is looking to provide a one stop shop for all of its consumer’s entertainment needs. This goal will be achieved by providing an online store, Netflix Box Office, which offers titles not available for streaming on Netflix. Because this store will exist within the current application, the company will simply be expanding the titles offered to its customers. Netflix aims to provide an all-inclusive entertainment provider for its customers, eliminating the need for other subscriptions and rentals.

Scope Statement:
● Scope Description: Netflix Box Office will allow customers to purchase content that Netflix only offers on DVD and stream it directly to their device so they don’t have to wait. The project budget is projected to be roughly 3 billion dollars and will take 12 months to be completed.
● Cost Estimates: Netflix will continue to purchase content and their licensing will generally be time-based. Netflix will also look to transition DVD titles into streamable content by acquiring exclusive access to SVOD or on-demand-rights.
● Purpose and Justification of the Project: By offering more titles and options for consumers, Netflix will be able to enter new domestic and international markets and continue to growth.
● Project Strategy: Our strategy will be to gain new subscribers through the marketing and promotion of this service and use our profits to finance more subscription of screaming content. Profits from new subscribers as well as the purchase of the additional content will be used to fund Netflix in the pursuit of new subscriptions. In order create a one stop shop entertainment center for our consumers.
● Project Assumptions: Project will take time because of the ability to gain exclusive access to all DVDs in Netflix’s library.

Basic Approach:
Netflix Box Office will introduce an online store, through the Netflix application, in which users can purchase otherwise unoffered movies or Television Shows. This feature will require partnerships with television channels as well as the proper viewing and ownerships rights for movies. Netflix will need to obtain the required SVOD (Subscription Video On-Demand) licenses for movies, as well as the screening rights for featured tv shows. Essentially, this service will replace the current Netflix DVD service. The first step in implementing this project will be transferring all movies and television shows available in hard copy to an online store, making them available instantly. This first step will require the utilization of the Netflix IT Team. Because Netflix currently offers DVD’s in hard copy, the necessary rights and partnerships have been obtained on these showings. Moving forward with Netflix Box Office in the future will require Netflix to expand its current offerings through new relations in the entertainment industry, simply adding them to the existing store.

Deliverables / Milestones:
Project Deliverables: The project deliverables are:
1) Creating and adding the Netflix Box Office online store to the Netflix application
2) transitioning DVDs into streamable content
3) obtaining the required SVOD licenses for each DVD only title so that it may be streamed at any place, any time
4) Creating partnerships with television channels
Project Milestones:
1) Training/teaching Netflix IT Team about Netflix Box Office
2) Market Netflix Box Office to public
3) First time Netflix Box Office is released for public use

Project Priority:
Netflix Box Office will prioritize scope because this product is completely new to Netflix and aims to generate more subscription. Because of the new features that this product will provide to Netflix, it is extremely important to maintain the scope in order for the product to be successful. When compared to time and cost, we believe that scope will be the priority because this project is new, and will require a lot of planning, implementing, and evaluating in order to align with Netflix’s vision and mission.

● Project Constraints/ Boundaries: “In each market, we license content from multiple suppliers, mirroring the fragmentation of the content industry. Typically our bids are for exclusive access to the SVOD rights, and we are up against various cable and broadcast networks, as well as online video competitors. As a rule, content owners always want another bidder, and never want one bidder to become too strong.” ("Netflix's View: Internet TV is replacing linear TV")

● Assumptions: We are assuming that the demand for the movies that are only available for DVD and movies, that are not already on Netflix’s website, are in high enough demand that people will pay extra money in order to have access to those movies and television shows at an extremely convenient time. This will eliminate the 3-5 day delay that is currently in place for these DVD’s that are associated with Netflix’s current program.

Acceptance Procedure:
This document indicates formal acceptance of all the deliverables for the Netflix Box Office project. As established in the project scope statement and requirements document, the Netflix Box Office Project has met all the acceptance criteria. An audit and product evaluation have been performed with regards to the project to ensure that all deliverables have met product and performance requirements. One of the goals of this project is to eliminate the 3-5 business days it takes to deliver hard copies to customers: ensuring customers get what they want within a short time period from one platform.

First, web developers and programmers are directed to design new online shop and other relevant software. The shop should include what customers used to get online and what they were purchasing in hard copies. The programmers will then hand over the live system to the Operations. The Project Team, under the guidance of the Project Manager, ensures there is smooth transition to all operations. All relevant knowledge is then transferred to Operations, from the Project Team. All hardcopies are converted and uploaded to the online platform so that clients can view and purchase what they want. The trained Project Team will help train clients on how to use the “one-stop-shop.” The experts will then hand over System Operations Guide to the Operations.

After all the deliverables have been met, the Project Manager starts the formal closeout process. This process involves conducting a post-project review, documenting all the lessons learned, releasing the project team, closing out all procurements, and archiving all necessary documents that can be useful in future projects. Then, the Project Manager ensures the closeout process if formally completed, and informs the Project Sponsor, who releases him from the project.

Outline for Presentation

1. Network Plan - AON network
    a. Description
    b. Purpose and justification of the project

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Project Strategy:
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