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Consider the following scenario:
You have been hired by a large company with branch offices around the country to assist with rollout of a new companywide compliance system.
While initially the focus was on implementation of the technology, it was found that success will require at least 10 hours of training over two days for all managers across the country on both the use of the new platform as well as a host of new compliance policies being introduced.
Of the options discussed, it was generally agreed that the training should be hands-on and conducted in-person at a central location. This will obviously require getting organizational buy-in as not all managers are going to be willing to commit to taking time out from their normal responsibilities just for some training.
In addition, such large scale centralized training has not been done before by this company; therefore, the CEO wants feedback from participants to evaluate the effectiveness of any training sessions.
As a result, your manager has given you the responsibility to develop an outline for a proposed project that would meet this upcoming need for arranging and conducting a two-day training session.
This scenario will continue throughout the first three weeks with all weeks being submitted along with the Week 3 assignment. You are expected to apply any feedback provided by the instructor to these finalized documents.
Submit a 2- to 3-page memo that includes the following:
Names the project
Briefly describes the project
Identifies potential stakeholders directly or indirectly involved
Specifies the overall objective and any outcomes for this project
Details how success will be evaluated
Highlights what is needed to ascertain the Measurable Organizational Value (MOV) of this project.
You will need to make some assumptions (it is even encouraged), but the assumptions must be documented.

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Internal Memo
To: Management
From: David Flintoff
Subject: Development of Strategic Planning for Training
This is to inform you that the company senior management is more focusing on training part and soon they are launching the strategic training for company managers as well as senior management. As you know the company is rolling out the new technology so company able to work smoothly and effectively for that the need for training arise....

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