Write a 3 page paper on the possible deficiencies in the agile manifesto and describe the importance of agility in today's organization. Remember to use APA style referencing for your sources. In this paper, you should first present in detail the core values in the agile manifesto and the practical reasons why these principles are essential to accomplishing a project. However, with each set of principles there are always areas that could be improved. In the second part of this paper, detail the areas of improvement and concentrate in areas such as agile being adopted in the whole organization and leveraging agile in global teams. You should identify the value that this change will be bring to the company.

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During the 1990s, there was an enormous time lag between what the customers were requesting from the businesses and what the technology delivered to meet those needs and this led to the cancellation and failure of many projects. This time lag in the delivering technology led to final products that did not meet the requirements of the customers or the businesses as the models in which software development took place was based on waterfall model which had its disadvantages of time lag. Hence this led to the agile model of software development which had four core values.
What is Agile?
Agile is defined as the approaches to software development / project development that emphasizes on incremental delivery, continual planning, collaboration of the team and also continuous learning. This term was coined in the Agile Manifesto during 2001(Highsmith, 2009). Since then this concept is evolving. There are four core values of Agile and they are explained below
1. Individuals and interactions over tools and processes
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