Potential Risks of Implementing Human Resource Information System (620 words)

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Suppose your college or organization is considering a new project to develop an information system that would allow all employees, students, and customers to access and maintain their own human resources information, such as address, marital status, and tax information. The main benefits of the system would be a reduction in human resources personnel and more accurate information. For example, if an employee, student, or customer had a new telephone number or email address, he or she would be responsible for entering the data in the new system. The new system would also allow employees to change their tax withholdings or pension plan contributions.

Identify five potential risks for this new project, and be sure to list some negative and positive risks. Provide a detailed description of each risk and propose strategies for addressing each risk.

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A human resource information system (HRIS) is a computer software that employers use to manage the human resources functions of their organization. It has the capability to maintain employment records of all staff members. As more and more human resources departments hire electronic management systems, there is the potential for issues. However, there are some advantages of streamlining the HR tasks with the use of information systems, but there are also some...

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