For this assessment, you examine project management from a project initiation and selection perspective and describe different methods of selecting projects. You also consider the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide’s life cycle stages and processes. More specifically, you explore project selection and statements of work.
This assessment has two parts.
Part A – Statement of Work
To begin, select a project management environment or case study that you can reference throughout this assessment.
To do this, identify an organisation and a project with which you are familiar. This may be a project you have worked on for a current or previous employer, a project you have been a part of as a volunteer, or even a project and environment you have observed closely. The project should be simple in scope and short in duration.
As you have discovered in your learning resources, a Statement of Work (SOW) is often used to capture the basic description of a project. Using the template provided, create a SOW for your chosen project.
Part B – Project Selection
Describe methods of project selection within organisations and impacts of not having a Business Case for a project.
Your entire assessment should contain 1000–1200 words.

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The Mandurah Traffic Bridge Replacement Project (or The Project, hereinafter) was initiated because the iconic Old Mandurah Bridge ‘has already approached the end of its life;’ extending its life may be possible, but its current capacity could no longer accommodate local traffic congestion problems due to population growth and increased tourism demands (Mainroad Western Australia, 2018). The Project will create a new bridge, which will have four lanes, a separate wide pedestrian, a cyclist walkway to the north side of the new bridge, fishing platforms and boardwalks (Mainroads Western Australia, 2017).

The Project requires typical bridge construction materials such as ready-made, reinforced, and pre-stressed concrete/stone, iron, and steel (Jamal, 2017). With respect to labor service requirements, The Project requires a huge number of workers from the project manager to bridge construction workers and laborers. Collectively, these individuals have relevant skills and experience in bridge construction; typically required skills and experience in project design, planning, and management, making forms, pouring concrete, cleaning and painting structures, installing structural steel, performing routine building maintenance tasks (carpenter work, painting, plumbing, minor electrical work, and others), operating heavy equipment, operating sand blasters, jackhammers, concrete saws, spray painting machines, performing stone and concrete work – rigging, rip-rapping, excavating, filling, sodding, working around heavy equipment, ability to follow instructions and work safely, and others (Michigan Civil Service Commission, n.d...

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