Project Planning and Stakeholder Management : Your summary should include your assessment of the value of the reflection journal as a component of your learning experience. How has it contributed to your understanding of the subject matter? Has it changed the way you approach learning? Identify any subject matter you found difficult to understand, and describe how you dealt with this challenge. How has this subject contributed to your current growth as a project manager and your future capacity to perform project management effectively? What do you think are your strengths and limitations? Based on what you have learnt in this subject, describe leadership styles and their characteristics in the project management context. For two or three different project types, identify appropriate leaderships styles and explain why they are appropriate. Additionally, reflect briefly on how your own leadership style might compare to those that lead to project success.

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The course has equipped me with additional knowledge and skills, more than above my expectation, on project management. To enumerate a few of these instances, the preparation of a statement of work (SOW) alone emphasized so much on one’s ability to think comprehensively about a project. I have learned about some crucial information to include in an SOW: main service/s of the project, deliverables in terms of length of project, materials and labor requirements, and location of project completion.
In conjunction with the preparation of an SOW, I learned again and deepened...

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