Consider the organization where you are currently working or an organisation with which you are familiar with and select a project. Alternatively, you may choose a project case study from the existing published literature for your analysis. For the considered case study you will be required to understand the background of the project and the business value that it is providing to the organisation. The project selected should be such that you can do a deep analysis by considering different aspects of project management discipline. A project manager needs to balance the three competing goals of the project, namely, scope, time and cost. These are commonly known as the triple constraints in project management. You will be required to analyse different methods and tools used to manage the scope, time and cost of the project and present the project management artefacts used to balance these constraints.
Please consider some general instructions for preparing your assignments provided in this document.
For completing your Assessment 1 you need to consider the following
1. Analysis of the selected project case and its organisational context (size, budget, problem statement, project objectives)
2. An evaluation of the current state of the organisation’s IS/IT technology and its dependence on it.
3. Evaluate the impact that the selected project has on the society and the organization’s success (may consider SWOT analysis). You may provide some reasoning for selecting the project as a case study.
4. Analyse the process (es) and methods used to select that particular IS/IT project.
5. Provide justification for the methodology (predictive or agile) selected for project execution. Give reasoning, if you think a better methodology could have been used.
6. Enquire and evaluate the tools (i.e., graphical representations) or software applications the organisation utilises in the system development processes. If you cannot find that information, suggest which ones you would utilise.
7. Critically analyse how the selected project is aligned to the strategic goals of the organization. Suggest opportunities for improvement in the management of IS/IT strategies and approaches.
8. Examine the scope of the project, major features, project limitations and issues related to scope changes. You may present the relevant artefacts like scope statement, requirements analysis document or project charter for clarification. If the project is using Agile method, you provide artefacts which define scope like a set of user stories and acceptance tests.
9. Investigate the method used for creating the schedule of the project and the methods used by the project manager (or team) to control the project schedule. You may present the schedule plan like Gantt chart or other relevant document.
10. Analyse the methods used by the project manager to keep the project within the allocated budget. You may present the budget documents, cost estimate, cost baseline for the project.
11. If it is a failed or challenged project you may provide justification for its poor performance. Provide your suggestions which could have prevented project failure.
12. All your claims and recommendations must be supported by relevant literature. Hence, a significant amount of academic references must be included in the report.

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Information technology plays a very important role in the modern day organization which helps them in every aspect of the various business functions within the organization and when required outside of it as well. With advancements in information and communication technology, vast majority of business organizations and otherwise have benefitted greatly by using such technology to their advantage in various aspects of conducting their businesses. IT has helped organizations come out of the red and establish their significant presence in their markets apart from using data for making informed decision making by the management of such organizations which use various IT tools and resources. IT has also helped employees to increase their productivity to their employers thereby adding value to them and creative minds among the employees have extracted data from such information systems which have been critical for ensuring the all-round success of the organization they are employed in(Gottschalk & Taylor, 2000). This paper intends a brief study on project management in the industry, especially in the context of project management in IT projects.
Company Background
Promoted by third generation entrepreneurs, the ABC Manufacturing Ltd manufactures and sells automotive components to a captive market as well as in the open market. The captive market division has been doing the activity for the past many decades however the other division has been in this business for less than a decade now. The two divisions in the company put together brings a business revenue of close to a million dollars with the captive market division contributing to more than 70% of this business revenues. The company has been in existence for nearly half a dozen decades and the third generation runs the company even today as a family promoted unlisted entity and has maintained good relations with the customers in the captive market division. However with huge pressures of competition in the captive market division and the present management of the company are desirous of taking the company to new heights by increasing the business of the open market division wherein they would be increasing the product range by manufacturing spares of more automobiles with the help of a licensing arrangement from four automobile manufacturers which have been signed recently. Most of the manufacturing activities are centered on forging, pressing, casting, die mold based processes which have been in place for the past decades since the inception of the company and have not been updated as per the latest industry standards for quite some time. The present management of the company has firmed plans for making some changes in the organization which have been made for equipping the company to compete with the international competition and to manufacture products at a competitive price and these plans have been made up with the help of a management consultant...

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